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The Artisan Tonic Gift Set

The Art of Mixing

Mix any four Artisan Mixers


Artisan Premium Classic London Tonic

Suave and classic meet funky and modern, this crafty combination combines complex natural citrus flavours with subtle botanical notes to create the perfect canvas for drier premium gins

Made with a blend of natural citrus flavours to compliment a London style premium gin. The recipe has been developed to enhance the gin botanicals through the middle of the drink, with a fresh citrus finish, leaving a clean aftertaste


    • Made with natural quinine


    • Made with 100%  natural ingredients


    • Tastes less sweet than other classic tonics allowing more citrus flavour to come through


    • Only 66 kcals per bottle

Artisan Premium Skinny London Tonic

Why can't guards wear heels, why can't light be tasty? This low calorie beauty is a blend of aromatic botanicals with orange and lemon essences. With only 15 kcals per 100ml, the crisp, clean aftertaste brings out the flavour in your craft gins

Skinny London Tonic has a fresh citrus sharp aftertaste which complements stronger flavoured craft gins or premium flavoured gins


    • Made with 100% natural ingredients


    • Only 34 kcals per bottle


    • No artificial taste


Artisan Premium Agave Lemon Tonic

This agile agave lemon is a top tonic for tequila or a sharp-suited partner for gin. Lemon, agave syrup, a touch of chilli and rock salt makes up our Mex mix.

Sparkling water, cane sugar, citric acid, lemon juice, organic agave syrup, natural flavours including lime, chilli, quinine and salt

Nutritional information – values per 100ml:
Kcal: 35
Carbohydrate: 7.9g
Of which sugars: 7.9g
Contains negligible amounts of fat, saturates, protein and salt

Artisan Premium Violet Blossom Tonic

A blossom for all seasons, this violet virtuoso combines floral flavours in elderflower, apple and violet blossom, fragrant hers and refreshing citrus notes to create an elegant bouquet which pairs perfectly with craft gin or as a stand alone star on the rocks

The flavour profile is an initial light floral blend of violet blossom, apple blossom and elderflower balanced by fragrant herbs basil and rosemary and a clean lemon finish


    • Made with 100% natural ingredients


    • Light floral Flavour. No heavy artificial confectionery taste


    • Only 74 kcals per bottle

Artisan Premium Pink Citrus Tonic

If you prefer a Paloma or love a Blushing Lady then you're in luck. Fresh pink grapefruit and bold blood orange flavours will lift your spirits to a new level

The taste is a clean, crisp citrus blend of pink grapefruit, blood orange and lemon with a hint of basil, transforming a gin, vodka or tequila in to a sensational summer drink


    • Made with 100% natural ingredients


    • The elegant pink hue combines an unmistakable fresh pink grapefruit aroma to make a great first impression


    • Only 68 kcals per bottle

Artisan Premium Barrel Smoked Cola

Classic meets contemporary in this dark companion for craft spirits. This seriously adult cola combines complex cinnamon and natural oakwood notes, giving a full bodied flavour with a clean smoky finish. Best enjoyed over ice with aged bourbon or rum

A truly adult cola with a real depth of flavour. Initially a classic cola taste with natural cinnamon followed by an oakwood smoked note which builds through the taste, then finally a subtle blend of vanilla and citrus to complete this smoky sensation


    • Made with 100% natural ingredients


    • 15% less sugar than Coca Cola


    • 80 kcals per bottle

Artisan Premium Fiery Ginger Tonic

A NEW and exciting combo of African ginger & chilli added to pure water and cane sugar to create an apologetically bold partner for premium bourbons & rum.


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